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Golden Goo is located in North York and Holland Centre, (Southern and Southwestern Ontario).  We have many apiaries, from Orillia in the east, to Glammis in the west, and the GTA in the south. If you are a landowner with some property, a little or no space at all, we may have a program that meets your needs or interests in all things bees and pollinators.  So if you are looking to support, need support or simply have an interest, welcome our flying ladies (honeybees) to your place of home, please reach out. We may be able to make your special space and goodwill a reality.

Honeybee Placement

We welcome landowners that would like to host communities of flying ladies, the honeybees. We Install, Maintain and Care for all honeybee hives place in this program all season long.


Golden Goo in partnership with ‍Greenscapes by Design has developed "The Wildflower Program". This program assists interested landowners in establishing wildflower meadows, gardens or pods to increase biodiversity, floral resources and native habitat for birds, and pollinators and other insects.


For those who are not able to place or care for their own honeybees, but still recognize the importance of helping honeybees and native pollinators, we have established The Adopt-A-Hive Program.‍This program includes support for research, development, education, and the health and care of honeybees and native pollinators.
Golden Goo ®  ~  100% Pure Real Natural Ontario Honey
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Golden Goo ®  ~  100% Pure Real Natural RAW Ontario Honey 
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