100% Pure Real RAW Ontario Honey.
We are as Natural as Nature and Nature is it!
Nothing more, Nothing less....

Our Programs...

We currently provide three programs for those that would like to support the world of Bees and native pollinators

Wildflower Program

(Meadows, Gardens and Pods)
The Golden Goo Wildflower Program (WFP), Is designed to encourage landowners to install new meadows, gardens, and personal pods (small gardens) to help all pollinators.

Honeybee Placement Program

Management and Bee Stewardship
The Golden Goo Honeybee Placement Program,
begins with you, a landowner. Persons that have an interest or a particular need for the assistance or support of honeybee pollinators.

Adopt-A-Hive Program

(New in 2022)
Golden Goo’s Adopt-A-Hive Program, was established to assist individuals with interests in the world of bees, their plight and value, but are unable to care for honeybees themselves.

A bit about us...

Golden Goo has locations in Dundas, Coldwater and Holland Centre Ontario. We have many apiaries, from Orillia in the east, to Glammis in the west, and the surrounding areas of the GTA in the south. We welcome landowners that would like to host communities of flying ladies (honeybees). We enter a mutual understanding and agreement that lays out the terms of the Honeybee Placement Program. There is NO COST or labour obligation for the Landowner in this Program. If you are a landowner interested in our hosting program and have a little space to welcome our flying ladies', please reach out, and see if we can make your space and goodwill a reality.
A Bit More Adout Us...

Our Honey Story

If you’re looking for great tasting Locally harvested 100% Pure Real Ontario Honey, you’ve at the right place. “The Ontario Honey Store”, our online honey source is but a click away to all our current available reginal honey selections. All our honey selections are 100% Pure Real Honey from our Bee Yards throughout the Southern-Central Ontario Regions.
We do not blend any of our reginal honeys. Each location is labeled accordingly to a specific Bee Yard.
More About The Honey...

A Few of Our Honey Selections...

We Support...

We also support local Food assistance organizations through our program
 “coins from the heart, for the heart”.  
We share a percentage of every season's honey collection with these community groups. We are a member of, and support the Ontario Beekeepers Association (OBA) and other local Beekeeper Associations. Our Wildflower Program is solely funded by Golden Goo through our Programs and Operations at NO COST to the participants.  We believe in giving back, to our communities, and the environment. Our hopes of providing warmth, nutriational assistance and enhancing biodiversity is a focus for us as we hope its yours as well...
More Information...
Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey
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Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey 
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