Golden Goo’s Adopt-A-Hive Program

This program was established to assist individuals with interests in the world of bees, their plight and value, but are unable to care for honeybees themselves. In this program, Golden Goo looks after all the physical stewardship and beehive care within Golden Goo’s established Bee Yards. Ultimately, we all share in the rewards and benefits of this program.
Golden Goo’s Adopt-A-Hive Program also focuses on bee education, health and the care of local bees, honeybees, and all native pollinators directly and indirectly. Your dedication and monetary assistance through membership is very much appreciated and wholeheartedly welcomed. Your commitment helps the continuation of great locally raised Ontario Honeybees, Pure Real Ontario Honey, Bee Research, and support for native pollinators and the environment.
Our Adopt-A-Hive Program (AAHP) 
has 3 Membership Levels from which to choose.
Clean, sweet, and to the point.
Unfortunately, this program is only available for Ontario residents in selected areas. 
The following simple Map indicates the General Area our Adopt-A-Hive Program
is currently accepting Membership into the program.
If you reside somewhere in the green area but don’t see your approximate location,
Contact Golden Goo at: for confirmation.
Golden Goo shall have the final say if your location and application
for membership in the program is within our servicing area.

Membership Levels and Fees

1) Queen Membership 
You Adopt 3 Hives
 program fee $100 per year.

2) Worker Membership 
You Adopt 2 Hives
program fee $50 per year.

3) Drone Membership
You Adopt 1 Hive
program fee $25 per year.

The choice is yours. 
All 3 Membership Level provide a guaranteed honey reward for your generous support, (if a Sweet Reward is your delight), 
100% Pure Real Ontario Honey.
Included in your AAHP Membership, Golden Goo will donate 30% from your program fee and forward to Bee and pollinator education, research, related programs, and Associations, on behalf of the Golden Goo AAHP. The remaining 70% is used to directly support Golden Goo’s Adopt-A-Hive Program (AAHP).

Golden Goo remains the sole owner and caregiver for all hives in the AAHP. Membership in this program provides monetary assistance, with the possibility of Sweet Rewards at the conclusion of the Honey Harvest.
Are you ready to join in and support our many Communities of Bees 
directly under the care of Golden Goo?
Membership in the Adopt-A-Hive Program is a clean and sweet way to do just that without the worries and the knowledge or taking the plunge into the world of Beekeeping. Golden Goo does it all and takes care of the bees-so sweet.
When you’re ready, contact us.

Many thanks for the interest and Happ-bee Day… 😊

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Golden Goo Adopt-A-Hive Program

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