The Wildflower Program

Mixture Native Perennials and Bi-Annuals Wildflowers fourth season
The Golden Goo Wildflower Program (WFP),
    Is designed to encourage landowners to install new meadows, gardens, and personal pods (small gardens) to help all pollinators. In the past few decades, there has been a growing awareness of the decline in biodiversity, and in turn the loss of habitat for many native species. This decline has begun to shed light on the possible future problems we all may face. The health and well being of all of our pollinators is at risk. Our own personal future health and wellbeing is directly or indirectly affected by this decline in biodiversity and pollinators, we will all bee equally challenged. This program is designed to assist with reversing that decline, through learning, education, and direct involvement.
Minimal soil disruption. Planting pugs and seeds. Black Fly season…
All areas in the WFP,
    Are designed using non-invasive, primarily native vegetation (seeds, plants, and shrubs). Each area will provide a variety of pollen and nectar resources to encourage biodiversity for all native and non-native pollinators. The areas will also provide habitat and food for birds, insects, and small mammals. All areas in this program are designed, installed, funded, and directed by Golden Goo in partnership with Greenscapes by Design (formerly Garden by Design).
Minimal soil disruption. Planting pugs and seeds. Black Fly season…
Areas are marked for recorded keeping, site success, continuous interactional studies, and research.
Greenscapes by Design,
    Is a landscaping company with considerable expertise in native plants.  With this knowledge of plants and keen interest in biodiversity, Greenscapes by Design provides the perfect solution. Planting and seeding is achieved with minimal soil disruption, to also maintain the complex soil micro-organisms and support long term, soil sustainability. This approach, in turn promotes plant health. When the WFP is linked together with the Honeybee Placement Program (HPP),there is NO COST $$$, NO WORK, and NO PLANNING required by the program participants. Golden Goo covers everything. Landowners only provide the space for a specified period of time and we do the rest.
The landowner and Golden Goo enter in an agreement, a WFP Letter of Understanding (LOU).  This agreement provides guidelines, requirements, timelines, and responsibilities within the WFP.
Minimal soil disruption. Planting pugs and seeds. Black Fly season…
Once the LOU is settled and agreed upon,
    The area location and size are determined, and vegetation planning begins. A site program and development plan is drafted. Plant selection, regimens and maintenance schedules are prepared. Our program is not designed for instant installations but is spread out over a period of time This process promotes floral diversity, using a variety of minimally disruptive techniques that allow a site to transition and evolve while we study and adapt techniques for greater success. A landowner may request the use of specific plants, but the final decisions lay with program directors.
Minimal soil disruption. Planting pugs and seeds. Black Fly season…
We use different methods of smothering techniques for minimal soil disruption. Initial start…
The program period is variable in duration.
    Our hopes are to ensure that these developed areas remain viable and diverse providing an abundance of resources to all pollinator Native and not for many years to come at that location. Diversity and its importance go hand in hand. The return and continual developing of floral options for all Pollinator health and Pollinator sustainability is paramount. The Wildflower Program’s focus on natural resources and Native vegetation renewal in a continual bio-balance proviso for all pollinators, Native or Non. If you would like to find out more about our program, please contact us. 
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