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If you are looking for great tasting Locally harvested 100% Pure Real Ontario Honey, you’ve at the right place.

We are Golden Goo.

Our online honey source, “The Ontario Honey Store”, is but a click away to all our current available regional honey selections from our many Bee Yards we steward and care for in Ontario. All our honey selections are 100% Pure Real Ontario Honey from our Bee Yards throughout the Southern-Central Ontario Regions.
We do not blend any of our regional honeys. Each location is labeled accordingly to their specific Bee Yard in the community they call home. This ensures and preserves their unique taste and capture’s their unique flavorful subtleties and differences associated to that Bee Yard’s location. We do not pasteurize our honeys and only gently gravity filter our harvest to remove large and very small wax and other things that are best removed for better enjoyment. We Extract our honey at low temperatures, between 28c – 35c keeping it as true to “RAW Honey” as possible.
Our goal is to use low temperatures during extraction and storage. This intern helps keep our honey’s natural goodness and benefits associated with Real RAW Honey present when you enjoy our “Sweet Rewards”.
Please note “All Real Honey” will crystallize at some point. That time of natural crystallization depends on the natural sugars in honey, primarily the glucose and fructose percentage differences. Storage temperature also has a factor as well. A healthy beehive’s active temperature is between 33c – 37c with some variances so when the honey starts cool below these temperatures this can also assist in the natural process of preservation, “Crystallization”.  Honey preserver itself by naturally crystallizing. This process, “Crystallization”, can make that honey out last our lives by many folds without spoiling. That is 1,000 +++ years. Honey never goes bad if it is stored in an appropriate and correct container, has the proper water content level and is free of contaminants. These are vessels that do not react with the honey through oxidation or other interactions while keeping the honey true to itself. Air, water, and contaminant tight.

Honey capped in its natural wax comb, the way honeybee's store their sweet rewards, can physical last centuries and still bee safe to enjoy if not disturbed/unsealed from their natural storage containers, capped honeycomb. So, they say…

Happ-bee day… 😊

How to Liquify, Crystallized Honey
Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey
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Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey 
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