Jar Recycled Refund Credit

Return your empty clean 500gr Golden Goo Jars and we'll credit you $1.00 off your next honey jar purchase from our honey store. The jars must be clean, with lid and have a Golden Goo label to receive this credit. One credit per new jar of honey purchased.

  • Example:  Return 3 jars and receive $3 credit off the order for purchasing 3 jars. Purchase only 2 jars, receive $2.00 off your order and so on.


Return to The Ontario Honey Store
  • $1.00 - Jar Recycle Credit
  • Must be a Golden Goo 500gr Jar
  • Jars MUST bee Clean with lid and a Golden Goo label to qualify
  • One credit per new/next jar of honey purchase
Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey
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Golden Goo®  ~  100% Pure Real Ontario Honey 
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