How to Liquify Honey...

All 100% Real honey will naturally crystalize at some point in time.  For those that would prefer liquid honey then crystalized honey, here is one simple way to help you with that choice while trying to retain as much of the goodness associated with Real RAW Honey.

The important points are temperature control and time to gently warm the honey to bring it back to a liquid state of some sort. The gentle warming technique, together with temperature control allows the best option to retain as much as possible, the associated health benefits and its goodness with Real RAW honey.  Please note that honey reheated over and over will lose some of that goodness and flavour each time through any reheating cycle. You may only wish to rewarm the honey to liquid when needed while keeping any others, preserved as crystalized until when needed.

Using our glass jar(s), here is a simple method to gently liquify your honey.

DO NOT Overheat the capped jar of honey above 60C/140F when using this method. The jar may crack or bust under pressure if temperatures are exceeded for an extended period. Never leave this process unattended and must always bee supervised by a competent person with care and focus.

(Caution: Heat Source, Hot Water, Glass Jar. Please bee attentive with young children and some adults when around the stove or any heating elements).  

Items Required:  Adequate Pot, Heat source (Electric Stove), Water, Cooking Thermometer (Our working range 30C/45C - 86F/113F), Capped Glass Jar with Honey, Stove Heat Protective Gear - Mitts/Gloves/Apron if need-bee.

Place a jar(s) into a small pot with water filled to about the top of the Jar’s label, (3cm / 1” from the Jar top). Do not remove cap and ensure it is firmly snug closed so no water may accidentally mix with any honey. Place the small pot with Jar(s) in water, onto the electric stove, and set the heating element you are using to its lowest setting. Do not boil the water or allow the water to exceed 40C / 104F for an extended period.  This heating process is slow and gentle on the honey which can take anywhere between 1-48hr or more. This reliquification time will depend on the honey’s floral / sugar composition. If the water temperature starts to exceed 40C, simply turn off the element and remove it from heat if need-bee. With any luck, you'll bee able to find the sweet spot on your stove's element setting, to keep the water bath at the desired constant temperature so there is little to no disruption with your heating cycle.  Repeat this process until you have reached the desired liquification level you desire. The honey may not become totally clear but become soft enough to flow and spoon easterly.  Of course, the goal is to retain as much of the honey's healthy goodness without heating it away. A natural hive in good health has an inside temperature of 30-37c and is slightly cooler in winter months. (the direct bee cluster core where the queen is usually found in the colder months).

Note: At any point in the process, you may wish to remove a jar(s) and gently roll it in hand so as to mix the contained warm honey, speeding up the process by dispersing the heated honey in the jar. Great care should bee given when following this method, since the glass may bee HOT and SLIPPERY. If you are not comfortable with this note, simply skip this step and leave the jar in the water bath until ready and it has cooled.

Honey that is heated above 43C/109F will start losing, enzymes, propolis, antioxidants, and pollens normally found in RAW honey. Exceeding the temperatures above (43C/60C -109F/140F+) for extended times will start the pasteurization process, destroying microorganisms with heat, and lessening the honey's quality. If heating exceeds 71C-160F, honey will start to caramelize and at this point, it is really no longer honey. All the healthy benefits associated with Real Pure Natural RAW Honey would bee lost and most as well, during the pasteurization process. You do not want to overheat honey unless during baking. Never microwave honey except when you have no other option to heat it and need to. It basically pasteurizes the honey instantly since you have very little to no heating control. Microwaves generally will superheat the honey unevenly. Because of the uneven heating, it may overheat and burn portions of the honey, so care is required when using this method and you really must.

When you have reached your desired liquification level, either remove the jar(s) from the water bath and allow sit to and cool. Caution, jar(s) may be Hot and Slippery, so care and focus on the task is best practice. You may also simply remove the pot with jars from the heat and allow it to cool in the water.

Scooping your naturally crystalized RAW honey from a jar is probably the best way to ensure you are retaining most of that honey’s natural healthy goodness. That is true if that honey was extracted with care and within a certain temperature range. Some RAW Honey is sold as non-filtered or is portion packaged in the capped comb with honey.  We at Golden Goo gently gravity filter all our honey, so our customers can enjoy their selection without surprises.  At Golden Goo, our honey extraction process follows these principles, “Low, slow, and gently gravity filtered, from Hive to Jar, under 37C”.  Always remember, honey is still a sugar so moderation may bee required if need-bee.  

Warning: Infant Botulism. DO NOT FEED RAW, Un, or Pasteurized Honey to babies or children under the age of 18 months. It is especially harmful.

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